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Nov 26th


If you’re a generally positive person you’ll find yourself saying Yes all too often. Either in your personal life or work. It’s good to say Yes. You’re more likeable and perhaps more social. But is it efficient?

There are two types of No’s. The good and the bad No. Initially there’s not much of a difference, but the outcome is worlds apart.

No as a good thing

As odd as it may seem, No can be very positive. Especially in a very tight situation, saying no might well produce better results. We’ve all been exposed to extremely short deadlines, and every time you look back, you always think “did I need to do that?” or “What if I hadn’t done that?” – would results have been better? It’s hard to answer. But somewhere inside you, you know that saying No to an idea would have saved you valuable time to produce less but far more higher quality results.

No as a bad thing

Saying No isn’t always about saving time/resources in order to allocate them somewhere else. Sometimes we say No just because we need to. Without actually thinking if we should or not. That is a negative No – yes, obviously you know that. As everything in life, we need to think before we say No. Perhaps twice as much before saying anything else.

A single No can kill an unborn idea, but it also has the power to create greatness where a Yes would have just created something mediocre.

Think before you say Yes.
Double-think before you say No.
But always consider saying No. 


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