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Nov 1st


We’ve been lead to believe that innovation formulates in areas that are yet unexplored or untouched. And yet, it usually comes from places we’ve already experienced…

This isn’t new, I know. But it strikes me as a contradiction every time I find a new app claiming to be the next “big” UI evolution of an already evolved (sic) app eco system. Only to find out that it introduces new metaphors and gestures, which makes it all the more harder to memorize and thus use. We’re all impressed with a new UI and we surely do love a new design approach, but is that what really makes a great app?

In a fast paced world, trying to keep the balance between innovation and innovating is a hard task. The least thing you want to do is get the user to think before acting.

I just happened to read Jason Fried’s latest post, and cannot agree more. There are plenty of ways to get excited about a new app, but making something simpler and less confusing is always going to be your best bet.


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