July '76

Oct 7th


I never met him, and I never expected to either. And yet, I knew him.

Not as the man behind the machines nor as the single figure behind all of my favorite gadgets. I knew him as the man who changed the way I think, work and ultimately the way I live my life.

Connected, productive and happy.

Although Apple has been in my vocabulary ever since I can remember, I only became an Apple owner somewhere in 2004, with my first iPod. Just by touching the device you could tell the love that went into it. The level of detail is extraordinary. Unique in its class.

Then came the MacBook, iMac 24″, iMac 27″ an iPhone 3GS and my iPhone 4.

I completely rid myself of everything else non-Apple. At work and home. I love the way everything “just works”.

If anything, these products have taught me (by example, and not by force) that the best design is the design you don’t see. The design that doesn’t interfere between you and the task at hand.

And that is what Steve Jobs accomplished. The perfect design.

So, although I never knew him, I definitely appreciated him. The man, the ideas & the ideology. The stubborn leader. The restless persona. There’s so much to be said.

This post can go on and on, but it will always close with the same line…

Thank you Steve!


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