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Mar 29th


Last Saturday (March 26th) I walked into “The Mall” – one of Athens’ largest shopping malls – with no intent to buy the iPad 2. Really.

Unlike the rest of Europe, in Greece, due to a national holiday on the 25th of March, the iPad 2 was introduced to the market a day late. As I walked by the four stores that carried it, I suddenly realised that I need it.

My resistance dropped to an oblivion. I walked into every one of the four shops. Fortunately all of them sold the magic tablet out.

Why “fortunately”?

Firstly, I don’t really need the iPad. Not yet at least. My main use of a tablet would be to read (books & magazines), and since the iPad 2 does not have a retina display, I can do that same on my Macbook or iPhone, without having my eye tear at the site of the pixels. I might be a bit picky, but I tend to be like that when spending €600 on a single device.

Secondly, with all the rumors on the market for the iPad 3 (or 2,5) which theoretically will employ a retina display, I’ll hold my horses. Best to wait a while. This breaks my rule regarding technology which says:

Do not wait for the next best thing, buy the best thing now!

But, in light of my previous abstinence on buying the iPhone & iPhone 3G and going direct to iPhone 3GS, I think my decision is a good one.

I guess that a better investment for the time being would be a decent lens for my DSLR.


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